Climate Change

We need to face Climate Change head on! People seem to think that Climate Change is something to believe or not to believe in. That is such a crazy way to go about looking at Climate Change. The scientists who know more about this than you and I ever will have been working on understanding this for decades.

Scientists have been collecting data from around the world for a long time. When that data (facts) is analyzed it follows a curve that leads to disaster for life around us. Science cannot lead the way. It can show us what needs to be adjusted in our lives to create a better future for all of us. We are the ones who can take that information and make the choices that lead us to a better future. You can believe it or not believe in it, but it is real. Climate Change does not care what you believe. It is only our combined actions that will change our future.

Changes are all around us and across the world. Within decades the Glaciers in Glacier Nat. Park will be gone. Animals are already moving into new areas as their habitat changes. Ocean levels are rising as the ice on Greenland and Antarctica melts. Take time to understand what what is happening to the planet, please, for the sake of your children and grandchildren.

Climate Change is like a freight train in slow motion barreling down us.

If we fail to make changes now, the world we leave our grandkids will be one unrecognizable to what we know today. All other issues pale in comparison to the fact that our planet is in danger of not being able to sustain life as we know it.

The fight against Climate Change has to be the focus in the legislature. Whatever else we have been fighting about will mean nothing unless we join together - Grow Together - in strength as a community to do what needs to be done.

We need to address Climate Change in ways that do not harm rural Oregonians. We can create good jobs by employing local fabrication shops to design and build easy to assemble racks. Hiring local electricians to hook up these systems. The installation of PV systems will be paid as the homeowners redirect their utility bill payments to the installing agency. After the system is paid for the owners will, for years, have no or low electric bills.

Covid-19 is demonstrating how important it is we put our current issues aside and follow the science . Covid-19 came and we can’t even get together enough to help each other through this pandemic. Covid-19 has torn through America exposing a lot of our faults. Covid-19 won’t be ignored. Neither will Climate Change.

Facts are something that do not require belief. Facts can be used in different ways. Isolated facts have been used to distort the science. Skeptical Science is a website that delves into the science of Climate Change and how information about Climate Change is used. Check it out.

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